Qualifier for the Nordic Cosplay Championship 2018

Comic Con Copenhagen will have a qualifier for the Nordic Cosplay Championships! The winner of the competition earns a spot in Team Denmark in the NCC. The qualifier is based on how the NCC finale works. This means that the contestants will be judged in both performance and craftsmanship. The craftsmanship is inspected by our panel of judges on an individual pre-judging time of 10 – 15 min for each contestant. The performance is judged during the show on Saturday where the contestants will each perform a ~2 minute long performance.


Day: Sunday

Time: 16.30 – 18.00

Place: Stage 1, Comic Con Copenhagen Forum Copenhagen

Prize: Finalist in the Nordic Cosplay Championship

Organizer: Sabina Mårdenkrans

Host: Kami Renee

Judges: Ani-Mia, Rinaca Cosplay, Lightspeed Cosplay

Max number of contestants: 25

Pre-judging: Saturday, in the judging room (exact location to be announced)

Changing/storage: In the changing room (exact location to be announced)

Obligatory stage rehearsal: Sunday morning (exact time to be announced)

Meet up before show: We will assemble 16.00 on Sunday (30 min before the show) to make sure the starting order is correct, and that audio and video is running smoothly.


This competition has an application time ending on 16/4-18. Applications are sent in via a Typeform found here. The following is needed to fill out the form:

  • A chosen character for the competition
  • A compressed folder or pdf containing reference pictures of the character
  • A link to a cosplaypage, or a cloud storage containing your previous work in cosplay (not mandatory to submit, but recommended).

After the deadline the organizer will review the applications and choose the contestants. All who applied will be notified via the email address provided in the typeform on how they fared up continuously until the deadline.


The performance can not be longer than 2 minutes.

  • Contestants need to be danish citizens. (They are not required to have a danish passport/ID, as long as they have some other proof of residence that can motivate that they are an eligible danish representative.)
  • Costumes must be constructed by the contestants themselves and contestants are expected to be able to give an account of how all details of their costume were made. Store-bought and modified costumes are not allowed.
  • Contestants are allowed to compete with a costume they’ve won other contests in, but not a costume they’ve participated in an earlier NCC final with.
  • The character must be a fictional character from a published source. Published pictures of the character must exist for judges’ reference. Original designs and characters are not allowed.
  • It is recommended that the character is part of a story/narrative. If a character from an illustration, painting or the likes is chosen where the character doesn’t have an expressed backstory, personality or the likes the judges will only be able to judge the likeness-category in the performance.
  • It is recommended that the character isn’t a genderbend version or a gjinka/human version of a character if this particular version of the character is not part of the original published source. If the contestant still chooses to do this, the judges will only be able to judge the craftsmanship-category.
  • Realistic props or replica weapons are allowed only on stage, and must be kept hidden or stored safely during all other times. When carried to and from stage, such props should be kept covered and sealed safely.
  • It is prohibited to take the performance outside of the stage, e.g. to the area between stage and audience. Use of possible catwalks is allowed, as is running off stage at the end of the performance.
  • Stage props must be lightweight enough for 2-4 people to carry up on stage.
  • Use of fire, water or scattering of items is decided on a case to case basis, and permission must be confirmed with the organizer well before the deadline 16/4.
  • Contestants should be able to walk in their cosplay without outside assistance. Stage helpers are allowed to help contestants on to the stage in case of steps or steep surfaces.
  • Contestants may use one or more assistants in their performances.



+ wear a costume

+ not wear a costume if they so choose

+ appear on stage

+ be on stage for the entire length of the performance

+ have speaking/singing lines


+ have a role equal to the contestant in the performance.

It should be 100% obvious who is the contestant and who is the assistant.  

Note: All performances are subject to changes asked by the production if there is a concern for safety of the audience, crew or contestant. Production will review all performances after receiving all related files and plans.    


All contestants will receive a personal prejudging time and a starting order to the email that they submit in the Typeform. Contestants need to be in costume for their prejudging. If the contestant misses their prejudging time, they will not get any points in the craftsmanship category since craftsmanship is judged in the prejudging. Each contestant gets at least 7 minutes with the judges to talk about their costume. This time can be longer as well, depending on the total number of contestants.


The rehearsal for the show is held in the morning on Sunday. You do not need to be in costume for the rehearsal, but we want you to bring all handheld and stageprops to the rehearsal so that we can plan the show accordingly. The rehearsal is mandatory, and if you for some reason can not attend, you need to contact the organizer beforehand. At the rehearsal, you will get to try out your performance once on the stage, and our stage crew will take notes on the set up of the stage and such.