Join Comic Con Copenhagens cosplayshow Heroes Walk On and show off your awesome costume! The participants don’t compete so both original characters, bought costumes and the likes are allowed. The focus is on showcasing cosplayers at the event in front of an audience.


Day: Saturday

Time: 17.30 – 19.00

Place: Stage 1

Organizer & Host: Kami Renee

Changing/storage: In the changing room at TBA

Meet up before show: We will assemble 17.00 on saturday (30 min before the show) to make sure the starting order is correct and to inform all participants on how the show will work.

How to register

Register here for the Heroes Walk On. When you are done, you are automatically signed up for the show! Should you run into any complications, or if you have questions about the show you can send an email to The registration is open until 3/5-18.