Who are we?

Comic Con Copenhagen is the largest pop-culture event in the Nordics.

Comic Con Copenhagen brings together a broad scope of popular culture categories. Our show floors are packed with activities, from cosplay celebrations to experiential opportunities inspired by the movies and brand new releases of your favourite games to play. On top of all that we have the Artist Alley for independent artists and our stages that play host to panels of Special Guests.

What we do?

We aim to put on the best consumer shows for the modern pop-culture market. Our show floor is packed full of activity from a huge esport zone area and cosplay celebrations to experiential opportunities inspired by the movies and brand new releases of your favourite games to play.

On top of all that we have the awesome Comic Village area for comic companies & independent comic artists and an dedicated Splay area where you can meet your favourite YouTube stars. Our two main stages also play host to cosplay competitions and panels of special guests, all whom take part in photograph sessions and signings throughout the weekend.

Comic Con Copenhagen is THE destination event to celebrate all things pop-culture, it is not to be missed by any geek, nerd, cosplayer, or fan boy and girl!

Where does it all take place?

Comic Con Copenhagen 2018 will be held at Forum Copenhagen 5-6 May.


What's included in the ticket?

Purchasing a ticket to Comic Con Copenhagen grants you access to the whole of the show within the times allocated on your ticket. Your ticket includes:

Admission to all the stages and panel sessions (subject to age restrictions and seat availability)

Admittance to the full show floor and access to almost all planned exhibitor activity (subject to age restrictions)

Access to opportunities to meet your favourite guests and stars (autographs and photographs do incur additional cost)

Where do I buy the ticket?

Our tickets are sold via our ticketpartner Eventim here.

Do I have to buy my ticket in advance?

We recommend you to purchase your tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointment in case of sold out tickets and to guarantee a better price.

How are my tickets delivered?

All of our tickets are e-tickets and will be sent to you via your chosen email address as a PDF attachment.

Do I need to print my ticket?

Our entry system for the show operate on BARCODED tickets. You will need to be able to print your ticket to bring to the show or display it on a compatible phone or tablet display.

I haven't received my tickets, what do I do

Check the junk mail of your email provider first. Still no luck? Send your booking reference number and the name and email address the tickets were booked under to

I've lost my confirmation email / ticket email, what can I do?

Send your booking reference number and the name and email address the tickets were booked under to

Do I need to pay extra to attend panels and talk

All stage activities, including panel sessions, talks etc within the show floor opening times are all included in the ticket price.

I can no longer attend Comic Con, can I get a refund on my ticket

All tickets are non-refundable as is stated on the terms and conditions of your ticket.

I have booked a ticket but would like to change to a different day, how can I do that?

The terms and conditions of your ticket include the fact that it is non-transferable and non-refundable so you cannot change the day.

The guest I wanted to see has cancelled can I get a refund on my ticket?

Show tickets are non-refundable and, although we are sad you cannot see your favourite star, there is still a lot to enjoy around the show floor.


Please can you invite my favourite guest?

We note every request sent to us through all of our social media channels and we try our very best to get the guests that you ask for (we want them to come to!). Please do keep in mind that guests have very busy schedules filming all of your favourite films and TV shows so it is quite difficult to guarantee an appearance.

How do I meet my favourite star?

Guests participate in panel, autograph and photograph sessions. Check our website before the show to find out the places and times of where your favourite guest will be, or download and use our dedicated Comic Con Copenhagen event app for all neccessary information.

Why has my guest cancelled?

All guest appearances are subject to their own working schedules. They may get called back to set earlier than planned or get booked for a film which means they can no longer attend.


Can I bring my own merchandise to be autographed?

Yes. You will be charged per autograph on each item.

I didn't bring anything for my guests to sign, what do I do!?

All guests have a selection of 8 x 10 prints available for you to choose from. The price of the autograph includes a print of your choice.

Can I book autographs in advance?

At the moment we do not have the functionality to purchase autographs online. Please head to the autograph and photograph desk to purchase an autograph from your favourite guest.

Can I book photographs in advance?

Yes, we have released a limited amount of photo tickets available for pre-purchase. Check our ticket page here.

Can I take a selfie with my favourite guest?

In most cases NO. Due to the volume of people who want to meet their favourite guest we have to limit signings and photograph sessions to ONLY signings and official photographs, unless the specific guests allows it.

How big are the photograph prints?

All photographs are usually printed in 8″ x 10″

How long will I have to wait to have my photograph printed?

Photographs will be printed on the same day that you have your photograph taken. Timings will be dependent on how busy the photograph session was for each guest.


What are the opening hours?

Show Floor Hours:

SATURDAY: 09:00 – 19:00 (Last ticket sale and ticket scan 17:00)

SUNDAY: 09:00 – 18:00 (Last ticket sale and ticket scan 16:00)

Last re-entry is 30 minutes before closing!

Are there cash point facilities?

Yes, there will be cash points available in the venue and some may incur a small charge. We do recommend you bring cash with you to avoid queues.

Will stalls take debit/credit cards?

Some stalls do take debit/credit cards but not all of them. We accept cash only when puchasing a n autograph or photo ticket. We do recommend you bring cash with you.

My wristband is broken, what do I do?

You cannot remove your wristband if you are attending for the full weekend. Your wristband should not break. If it does you will need to prove that you attended the event on the day before in the form of a photograph with your wristband on.


What is it?

The event app is a downloadable app filled with all neccessary information about the event, such as the schedules of the event, a floor plan and information about the guests and activities planned for Comic Con Copenhagen.

Where can I get the event app?

The event app is now available at App Store and Google Play, search for Comic Con Nordics. 


Are these included in the ticket price?

All stage activities, including panel sessions, talks, presentations etc. that happen within show opening hours are included in the ticket price.

Can I film and take photographs?

Some stage activities and panels may not allow filming and photographs. You will be told at the beginning of the panel if you are not allowed to film or photograph.


Do you have any rules about costumes, weapons, and props?

General cosplay rules at Comic Con Copenhagen

If you are planning to cosplay, please follow these rules

Your weapon/replica need to be permitted by Danish law

It is strictly forbidden with spikes, sharp edges or similar on your cosplay outfit or accessories if these can hurt people.

It is forbidden to have a drawn sword/knife/etc. at the venue. During photos and/or on stage it is of course allowed to pose with your wepaon/replica but at any other time it should be tucked away.

Weapon replicas of guns, for example soft-airguns and similar must be secured and non-functional. Please also make sure to plug the orifice tube.

If your weapon/replica doesn’t resemble anything that can be dangerous to others (for example a replica made in papier maiché or similar) you don’t have to worry about breaking any of our rules.

The organizer have the right to, at any time, control your weapon/replica to make sure it it follows all rules above.

Can I come in cosplay?

Please do! We have a huge number of attendees who cosplay.

Is there somewhere I can get changed into my costume?

Unfortunately not. We do not offer any changing rooms at Comic Con Copenhagen so please dress up before you arrive at the show.


Will I be filmed and photographed?

Yes. Our events attract a local and national press and it is within the terms and conditions of your attendance that you may be filmed.

Can I take my own videos and photographs?

Yes. Please do ask permission first from anyone you would like to video or photograph and respect their wishes if they decline.


Is the event suitable for disabled visitors?

Yes. Please do bear in mind that our events do get very, very busy and the show floor can be difficult to manoeuvre. You can check with the venue for access.

Are there special tickets for disabled visitors?

We operate a special assistance system which offers one carer pass and timed entry. You will need to provide appropriate paperwork to qualify. 


How do I get a press pass?

Press registration is done on our website. Read more under Press on our landing page.

Who qualifies for a press pass?

You will need to supply some kind of proof of your media outlet and/or what you write for.