In the Artist Alley you will find independent creators, cartoonists, writers and artists. Soak up the great atmosphere from young talents here or buy something truly unique. See the list of participants below. Updated regularly.


Hi there! I am Michelle Rivas – or Anori-chan as I go by on the internet. I am a self-taught artist with a major interest in Japan, its culture, history and comics, as well as fantasy. This, together with other comics and art, has influenced my style a lot and I spend a lot of time drawing magical elf girls.  A lot of my art is traditional, but I dabble in digital once in a while too, and cover everything from illustrations to (hopefully soon) comics. When not drawing, I love watching movies and series, chilling under a blanket, or just hanging out with my friends.

Anori-Chan Artist Alley Comic Con Copenhagen

Coco a. Claire

Coco a. Claire is an illustrator and visual artist with a burning passion for creating clean, feminine and beautiful designs. She is always looking for opportunities and challenges that will help her grow as a better visual developer. You can find her work at : and

Eric Knipper

Eric Knipper er tegneserieskaber, uddannet som cand. mag. i moderne kultur og kulturformidling, og medlem af Danske Tegneserieskabere med en lang række udgivelser bag sig siden debuten i 1990, både album som Germania (Faraos Cigarer og Nationalmuseet) og avisserier som Nørrebronx. Hans seneste tegneserie, Bersærker 2, foregår i den tidlige og hedenske vikingetid, hvor kong Godfred kæmpede mod Karl den Store. Det er en overdådigt illustreret tegneserie i en barok og ekspressionistisk stil.

Eric Knipper Artist Aller Comic Con Copenhagen

Jagna Costuming & Design

At the event I will be selling some adjustable rings and possibly other jewellery, rhinestone-covered shoes, and art prints. I’m a very multi-craft person, so I bring a little but of this and that so it would be hard to know prior exactly what things I bring. But I will with certainty bring the adjustable rings, rhinestones shoes and art prints!

Juliane Norske

My name is Juliane Norske, and I’m an aspiring comic artist from The Animation Workshop. You can find examples of my work on my website:

Juliane Norske Artist Alley Comic Con Copenhagen


Katja “KSClaw” Søgaard has been drawing all of her life, which has turned her into an illustrator, a Graphic Designer and a Technical Designer. Through her many years of drawing, she has been surrounded by both comic book heroes and villains, as well as an assortment of dinosaurs and fantasy creatures. She specializes in traditional as well as digital media, while tending to her personal hobbies of art, reading and programming websites. Instagram: Personal: Tumblr:

Mandy Frank

Friends say about me: Mandy Cool. That’s enough. I say: I do colorful splashart on every surface I can find. Leather, canvas, fabrics and I’m a tattoospecialist for watercolor, too. My passion for a gypsy lifestyle and energy that comes directly from the heart is my inspiration. You can find my works on facebook and instagram: artofmandyfrank

Nadia Axel

Hi, everyone! I am Nadia Axel, a self-taught artist and freelance illustrator from Copenhagen. My work is heavily influenced by my sources of inspiration; fantasy, science fiction, and Norse mythology. When I’m not working on original artwork, I spent most of my time drawing popular characters from my favourite video games.I am also a storyteller, and one of my dreams is to be able to tell my stories through comics – a dream which I aim to kickstart this very year!
I mainly use social media to share my works. I love to engage with my audience and share my passion – art. I also run a YouTube channel where I share drawing time-lapses, tutorials and general thoughts on art and life as an artist. I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂
Instagram: @nadiaxelart

Sarah “Galaxara” Sharf

Hello Spacebugs!
My name is Sarah and I go by the labels “Spacepainter” and “Monster creator”!
I create watercolor spacepaintings and make a living of drawing character designs for Pen & Paper campaigns.

Social Media: @Galaxara

Sarah Galaxara Sharf - Artist Alley

Sarah Mineur

I’m Sarah, a goldsmith from the northern parts of Sweden with fondness for crazy geeky ideas. ^_^ Today I run my workshop from the town center of Malmö in Skåne. I had an idea a long time ago I would open an international webshop with ​handmade ​high quality geeky jewelry, made both with love and effort​. ​

My items are handmade in recycled sterling silver, and I spend a lot of time in the creation process to get every detail as nice and sharp as possible. When you truly love something like for example Star​W​ars or Doctor Who, you might want a special and personally created piece of art that you can keep and hold for many many years to come instead of throwing it away and buy something new when it breaks. 😉

Official website:
Instagram: GeekyGoldsmith