Tournaments, guest-appearances and live broadcasting in the Pixel.tv booth

Pixel.tv was established already in 2007 as one of Denmarks first online TV-Channels. With gamer and journalist Thomas Bense in the front seat, Pixel.tv has grown into the very successful gamingsite and channel that it is today. In 2016 they made a highly popular appearance at Comic Con Copenhagen – and now they are back for the 2018 Comic Con show!

Pixel.tv will be broadcasting live during all opening hours both on Twitch and on the TV-channel Pixel.tv. Expect tournaments, guest-appearances, interviews and loads of gaming related content on themes like DC vs. Marvel and Fortnite vs. Pubg. Take this chance to meet the Pixel.tv hosts and experience how a live production is made.

And that’s far from all, Pixel.tv will also do a live recording of the popular show OneTake hosted by Thomas Bense and comedian Mark le Fevre!

Bring your a-game if you want to be crowned the Best Racer at Comic Con.

Take part in the Pixel.tv activities in booth Balcony:02

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