Cosplay is short for “costume play” and involves dressing out to characters from comics, games, TV-series, movies etc.

At Comic Con Copenhagen we have a lot of exciting cosplay activities. Read more about each event below.

Cosplay Guest of Honor Comic Con Copenhagen Ani-Mia

Cosplay Guest of Honor

NCC Qualifier


if you are planning to cosplay, please follow these rules: – Your weapon/replica need to be permitted by Danish law – It is strictly forbidden with spikes, sharp edges or similar on your cosplay outfit or accessories if these can hurt people. – It is forbidden to have a drawn sword/knife/etc. at the venue. During photos and/or on stage it is of course allowed to pose with your wepaon/replica but at any other time it should be tucked away. – Weapon replicas of guns, for example soft-airguns and similar must be secured and non-functional. Please also make sure to plug the orifice tube. – If your weapon/replica doesn’t resemble anything that can be dangerous to others (for example a replica made in papier maiché or similar) you don’t have to worry about breaking any of our rules. The organizer have the right to, at any time, control your weapon/replica to make sure it it follows all rules above.