Comic creators, publishers and more

The Comic Village will offer separate stands where you can meet comic creators and publishing companies in Denmark. Independant comic creators get the chance to exhibit their work. Do not miss this!


All artists will do signings during the weekend

Peter Madsen Serieskabere

Peter Madsen

En af Danmarks mest berømte serieskabere Peter Madsen kommer til Comic Con Copenhagen! Madsen bag tegneserien “Valhalla” der er solgt i millionoplag rundt omkring i hele verden.

Peter Madsen vil sidde eksklusivt på stand C:24 i Comic Village lørdag 5 maj kl. 11-12 og 13.00-14.30.

Fætter Klam-forside

Thomas Schrøder aka Fætter Klam

På Comic Factory/ High Heels Society/ Afart/ TegneserieKompagniet/ Comicgarden stand vil du alle dage kunne finde Thomas Schrøder aka Fætter Klam, skaberen af ”Fætter Klams (u)lækre monsterkogebog”
Comic Con Copenhagen_Rene_Birkhol_Raktus

René Birkholm

René Birkholm has created three comic books. The genre is Science Fiction with a twist and a critical approach. Issues such as gene therapy, racism, karma and abuse of nature are at stake. René Birkholm will sit in the “Danske Tegneserieskabere” stand.
Matt Furie to Comic Con Copenhagen

Meet Matt Furie

Matt Furie is an artist, illustrator and children’s book author. He’s best known for his character Pepe, a fun-loving stoner frog from his comic Boy’s Club, who has become a ubiquitous internet meme.

Sussi Bech og Frank Madsen i Forlaget Eudors stand

Hele weekenden kan du møde tegnerne Sussi Bech og Frank Madsen i Forlaget Eudors stand og købe deres bøger og tegneserier med signatur. Vi har det nyeste bind af Sussi Bechs Samlede Værker, “Aida Nur”, som vi sælger med signatur og tegning til messepris. Der er også gode priser på tegneserierne “Dalila den Drevne”, “Nofret” m fl

Anders Brønserud

Anders Brønserud is a danish cartoonist who mainly works with wordless comic strips. He is best known for the dark and absurd humor in “Otto”, a black and white pantomime strip where the main character takes on the world, and often looses. Since 2003 eight books has been published, the newest is “Otto in toto” which collects the best 400 strips. At Comic Con Anders Brønserud will be signing copies of the books “Otto in toto” and “Citizen Otto” in Danske Tegneserieskabere” stand.

Anders Christian Eriksen

Good news to all you “Ørne Rejsere” out there! Anders Christian Eriksen, creator of such underground comicbook classics as Ørne Rejser (Travelling with eagles.) part 1, 2, 3 and 4, is back this summer with the brand new Ørne Rejser part 5! During ComicCon 2018 you will be able to catch a first glimpse of drawings from the new book, buy limited edition Ørne Rejser part 5 posters AND have in depth conversations about the Ørne Rejser universe.
Tatiana Goldberg at Comic Con Copenhagen

Tatiana Goldberg

Tatiana Goldberg is a Danish illustrator and comic artist who works mainly in the genres of action, horror and sci-fi – often with a psychological twist to the story or characters. Her main works are the award nominated graphic novel Anima and the ongoing comic series Kijara.