OMEN by HP’s produkter – der er noget for gamere på alle niveauer

Prøve et udvalgt at OMEN by HP’s produkter

Kom forbi HP’s stand, hvor du kan prøve et udvalgt at OMEN by HP’s produkter – der er noget for gamere på alle niveauer. Du kan teste Omen X computeren, prøve kræfter med Overwatch og Fortnite. Prøv HP’s Mixed Reality headset, hvor du kan prøve kræfter med det sjove Audio Shield eller det hypede Space Pirate Trainer.
Spil 1v1 på OMEN by HP laptops og desktops – hvis du spiller mod din ven, kan I spille bedst ud af 3 – vinderen får en fed OMEN by HP Kasket med hjem.

Du kan få en god snak med HP’s konsulenter, som vil guide dig sikkert igennem udvalget af produkter, alt imens du nyder en vand eller slikkepinde. Du kan også få fingrene i en OMEN sticker eller en Overwatch maske (begrænset antal).

Vi glæder os til at se jer på OMEN by HP standen.

Blocksport Tournament Comic Con Copenhagen

Participate in the first ever Comic Con Block Sport Tournament

Comic Con Block Sport Tournament

Come by and participate in the first ever Comic Con Block Sport Tournament!
Team up with a friend, pick the robot of your choice and brawl it out in the arena. It’s a fight for survival as you smash, shoot and tackle your opponents to bits. Do whatever is necessary to come out on top in this brutal ball game. The team with the most goals by the end of the match is the winner!

Where, when?

Time: 14:00-17:00
Date: Sunday, May 6.
Where: Comic Con Copenhagen, B:05


2v2 Tournament Brackets. Best out of 3.
Single Elimination Bracket. If you lose a match, you are out.
Be at the Block Sport booth B:05 at least 30 minutes before tournament starts to check-in to your first match, as this is when we will finalizing the bracket setup.
Sign ups will all take place at our booth B:05 at Comic Con Copenhagen.
Final chance to sign up for the tournament is Sunday, May 6, at 13.00.

Prize brackets:

12 teams or more = 1500 Kr. distributed among the top 4 teams.
24 teams or more = 3000 Kr. distributed among the top 4 teams.

If you want to train for the tournament, just come by our booth. We will be at Comic Con Copenhagen all weekend!

Thanks to MM Vision who sponsored the hardware which made this tournament possible. Be sure to visit their website right here:

Block Sport




Forgotton Anne

Internationally praised 2D adventure Forgotton Anne will be playable

This 2D game has garnered almost universal praise

Forgotton Anne is an upcoming 2D cinematic adventure game in development at Danish studio ThroughLine Games since 2014. Garnering almost universal praise for its visuals and presentation in the international gaming press in preview coverage, Forgotton Anne promises to let players partake in a fantastic journey filled with wonder and emotion.

Forgotton Anne is published by Square Enix Collective and will be available worldwide digitally on May 15th, 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam.

Phil Elliott, Director Indie Publishing at Square Enix have said the following about Forgotton Anne:

“As anyone who was able to catch Forgotton Anne throughout 2017 will know, this is one of the best, most striking looking games we’ve ever put out. This isn’t just an adventure that looks like an anime, it’s anime in full, fluid motion. We simply cannot wait to get this beauty into the hands of gamers – it’s a story as delicate and engaging as the world it plays out in.”

Play Forgotton Anne in Throughline Games stand E:13, and learn more in an inspiring talk at Stage 2, Sunday 12.30-13.30

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

Play the celebrated God of War, Far Cry 5 and many more

God of War, Far Cry 5 and many more playable games in our Gaming Zone

None of you may have missed the great reviews that God of War received since it’s release 20 April (or the tears from director Cory Barlog when overwhelmed by the great reception). We can now confirm that the acclaimed game will be playable in our Gaming Zone.

Should you crave intense action in rural America’s Montana then Far Cry 5 is for you. Enjoy the Ubisoft game also in our Gaming Zone.

More playable games are; Shadow of the Colossus, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and more.

See you in the Gaming Zone! Tickets available here.


Blood & Truth Exclusive Gameplay

Gangster VR experience Blood & Truth – Exclusive Gameplay!

Play VR gangster adventure Blood & Truth long before anyone else at Comic Con

One of the most anticipated VR games Blood & Truth by London studio Playstation VR worlds will be playable at Comic Con Copenhagen!

Blood & Truth takes place in a gritty London underworld, where Special Forces Ryan Marks works his way to settle against the perpetrators of organised crime.

The release date for the awaited gangster adventure is not even set yet, so do not miss your chance at this exclusive gameplay!

Play Blood & Truth in the Gaming Zone.

Tournaments, guest-appearances and live broadcasting in the booth

Tournaments, guest-appearances and live broadcasting in the booth was established already in 2007 as one of Denmarks first online TV-Channels. With gamer and journalist Thomas Bense in the front seat, has grown into the very successful gamingsite and channel that it is today. In 2016 they made a highly popular appearance at Comic Con Copenhagen – and now they are back for the 2018 Comic Con show! will be broadcasting live during all opening hours both on Twitch and on the TV-channel Expect tournaments, guest-appearances, interviews and loads of gaming related content on themes like DC vs. Marvel and Fortnite vs. Pubg. Take this chance to meet the hosts and experience how a live production is made.

And that’s far from all, will also do a live recording of the popular show OneTake hosted by Thomas Bense and comedian Mark le Fevre!

Bring your a-game if you want to be crowned the Best Racer at Comic Con.

Take part in the activities in booth Balcony:02

Bandai Namco to our Gaming Zone

Play Soul Calibur and Code Vein

We have build an area dedicated to gaming with our partner Game Stop. We are now proud to announce the first games out: Soul Calibur and Code Vein by Bandai Namco. They will both be playable all weekend. For information on more games from the biggest gaming companies at Comic Con Copenhagen, keep an eye on our Gaming Zone page.