Valhalla Cartoonist Peter Madsen will do signings at Saturday

'Valhalla-Peter Madsen' will be joining Comic Con at Saturday

One of Denmarks most known comic artist will visit Comic Con Copenhagen – none other than Peter Madsen! Madsen is most known for creating the Danish comic book “Valhalla”, which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Peter Madsen will do signings in Comic Village stand D:24 Saturday 5 May 11.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.30. Peter’s wife Sissel Bøe which he wrote the series “Troldeliv” together with, will also attend the event.


Peter Madsen Serieskabere

Announcing Comic Village – THE location for all things comics!

Announcing Comic Village - THE location for all things comics!

Comic Con Copenhagen are thrilled to announce Comic Village – THE location for all things comics! Together with 10+ publishers and plenty of Danish artists this area will be the natural home for everyone with a sweet-spot for comics and books. The area will also play host to international comic artist Matt Furie (Pepe the frog), so please make sure to come by and say hi!

Go to ur Comic Village page for more info. The page will be updated with more Comics content regularly.

First publishers ready for Comic Village

Presenting first participating publishers in the Comic Village!

Comic Factory, High Heels Society, Afart, TegneserieKompagniet and Comicgarden – 4 forlag og 1 galleri, 5 forskellige udgivelsesprofiler, 1 stand.

Comic Factory 

Comic Factory udgiver tegneserier og tegneserierelaterede ting såsom en tegneseriebiografi og en tegneseriekogebog baseret på populærkultur.

High Heels Society

High Heels Society udgiver erotiske/pornografiske tegneserier.


Afart udgiver tegneserier, Disney-litografier, letlæsningsbøger, børnebøger, plakater, musik og film. Afart har de sidste par år mest fungeret som samarbejdspartner med andre forlag som bl.a. Egmont, Fahrenheit og Alvilda.


TegneserieKompagniet startede i sin tid som Fyns Antikvariats Forlag. TegneserieKompagniet udgiver tegneserier af danske tegneseriekoryfæer.


Comicgarden sælger original artwork og litografier fra nogle af verdens største tegneserieskabere, men producerer også selv specialdesignede litografier i samarbejde med tegneserieskaberne.

De fire forlag og galleriet arbejder tæt sammen, da ejerne optræder i forskellige konstellationer i firmaerne. Udgivelserne er alle kendetegnet ved høj kvalitet – både indholdsmæssigt og trykmæssigt. De supplerer ofte tegneserieudgivelser med lækre specialdesignede litografier og plakater.

På deres stand vil du alle dage kunne finde Thomas Schrøder aka Fætter Klam, skaberen af ”Fætter Klams (u)lækre monsterkogebog”, og Tatiana Goldberg, skaberen af ”Kijara”, vil også kigge forbi.

Fætter Klam

Fætter Klam

Fætter Klam-forside


Tatiana Goldberg

Tatiana Goldberg

Matt Furie to Comic Con Copenhagen

Welcome Matt Furie – known for Pepe the Frog

Meet the creator of Pepe the frog

Matt Furie is an artist, illustrator and children’s book author. He’s best known for his character Pepe, a fun-loving stoner frog from his comic Boy’s Club, who has become a ubiquitous internet meme. In 2012, McSweeney’s published Furie’s first children’s book, The Night Riders, a wordless tale about the adventures of two best friends, a frog and a rat. He’s currently based in California, USA.

Matt Furie have a stand in the Comic Village together with his wife Aiyana Udesen. They will do drawings and signings all weekend. On Staurday 12-13 you can meet them in a Q&A panel at Stage 2.

Matt Furie

Matt Furie to Comic Con Copenhagen

Matt Furie to Comic Con Copenhagen

Matt Furie to Comic Con Copenhagen

Matt Furie to Comic Con Copenhagen

Aiyana Udesen

Aiyana Udesen is based in California, and is known for her dedication to encapsulating her favorite scenes from science fiction and horror. Her tools of choice are paper, pencil, colored pencil, and the unpredictably provocative rainbow pencil. Her series of how-to-draw books have delighted and confused many, and feature portraits that range from: otters, to Terminators, to Termin-otters. When Aiyana is not watching Star Trek and scribbling away, you can find her on the phone with a gigantic law firm, trying to figure out how to save her husband’s notorious and infamous cartoon frog from taking over the internet and the world.

Aiyana Udesen to Comic Con CopenhagenAiyana Udesen to Comic Con Copenhagen





Disney Comic Artist Patrick Block to Comic Con

Meet Disney artists Patrick and Shelly Block at Disneyana's stand

For over 20 years, Patrick and Shelly have enjoyed creating hundreds of projects for various Walt Disney Comic Books. Working with Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and their various family members, the Blocks both write and draw complete stories which have appeared in over 40 languages around the globe.

Their stories have ranged from taut six page tales of Donald Duck’s everyday household life, to 33 page Harvey Award nominated detective epics involving intrigue and mystery.

Near the end of 1996, Carl Barks worked up his last Donald Duck story idea, titled “Somewhere in Nowhere.” Carl Barks enjoyed Patrick’s free-wheeling, action-packed art style so he chose Patrick to illustrate “the Good Duck Artist’s” last Donald Duck adventure script.

The Blocks enjoy handling these fantastic and beloved characters for Disney. Recent years have found them expanding into the Disney gaming market, where they have acted as Conceptual Artists bringing the “classic” ducks into these more modern genres of entertainment.

You can meet Patrick and Shelly Block in Disneyana’s booth D:02

Patrick Block