In our dedicated Artist Alley area you will find independent creators and artists.  The Artist Alley provides artists with a great opportunity to showcase and sell their work. Don’t miss this!

Tickets for Artist Alley are now available. Check our page for tickets.

Additional info for anyone interested in purchasing an Artist Alley ticket

Artist Alley tables are open to a wide variety of people. As long as your products fit the theme of our show, are legal to sell in Sweden to the public attending and you are willing to comply to any & all regulations regarding the sales of good & services, either based in law, the event location’s policies or Comic Con Copenhagen policies, you can be a dealer at one of our events. Please be aware that there are additional restrictions on products of an adult nature, weapons and foods and we strongly recommend anyone who wants to sell these types of products at our events to contact us before booking.

Please note following rules in Artist Alley:

– You cannot bring your own tables

– All trading must be done from behind your table

– Extra participant need weekend ticket

– Extra chair cannot be provided. You may bring an extra chair.

– No food or weapons

– You must have your own insurance and public liability insurance.