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Pre-book your Special Guest photo

Do you want to be absolutely sure of getting a photo taken with that very special guest? Then the online photo tickets are for you. The online photo ticket lets you pre-book a photo session with one of our Special Guests. We only release 50 tickets per day and guest, so an idea would be to try to nab one as soon as possible! Please note that the ticket is only valid at the selected time and that you will also need an entrance ticket.

We will also sell tickets at the venue, but with the reservation that they might sell out.


Available Photo Tickets

Pilou Asbaek – Lørdag 5. Maj 12:15-13.00 Price: 300 DKK

Pilou Asbaek – Søndag 6. Maj 09.30-10.15 Price: 300 DKK


Bob Morley – Lørdag 5. Maj 09:45-10.30 Price: 300 DKK

Bob Morley – Søndag 6. Maj 10:30-11.30 Price: 300 DKK


Manu Bennett – Lørdag 5. Maj 10.30-11.15 Price: 250 DKK

Manu Bennett – Søndag 6. Maj 11:45-12:30 Price: 250 DKK


Joonas Suotamo – Lørdag 5. Maj 13.45-14.15 Price: 250 DKK

All prices are excluding Eventim service fee.

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