Art by Juno Artist Alley Comic Con Copenhagen 2018

Creative atmosphere in the Artist Alley

Artist Alley is the place with probably the best vibe at the whole Comic Con event. Here, young and talented creators showcase and sell their work. As a visitor you can be sure to discover new art or find that special unique gift for yourself or someone close.

We can now present the first participants in Comic Con Copenhagens Artist Alley 2018. The list will be updated regularly so make sure to check in again. Some examples of what will be exhibited in the Artist Alley below. Artwork by Juliane Norske above.

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Art by Juno

Juliane Norske is an aspiring comic artist from The Animation Workshop.

Art By Juno Artist Alley Comic Con Copenhagen


Eric Knipper

Eric Knipper is a comic creator.His recent work, Berserker 2, is a comic about the early and heathen Viking Age, when king Godfred fought against Charlemagne. It´s a lavishly illustrated comic in a baroque and expressionistic style.

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